Welcome To My Site – All Baby Necessities

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I have put this All Baby Necessities website together to help alleviate the tremendous amount of research that needs to be done when looking to purchase any new baby products, the review articles on this site will not only give you the positive aspects of the product but also any negative reactions that I may have found, as I feel that it is important for your research to not only get the positive information but also any negatives as well, this way you are able to make a purchasing decision with hopefully all the facts. The information contained within has been sourced from a variety of places and I hope you find it useful. You will also see quite a number of ‘you tube’ video’s scattered throughout the site, I consider them to have relevant and useful information for all new parents. Don't miss the link below (in sidebar) that will take you to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) where you can check out any recent

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The New Crib Standard – A Must Read

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Did you know there's a new crib standard? Well there is and although the drop side seems to concern most people, the new crib standard also covers the mattress support, slats and hardware, all of which will need to be tested to more rigorous standards. This came about because between 1st November, 2007 and 11th April, 2010 there were a reported 3,584 incidents concerning cribs, the largest proportion of which were full sized cribs but some involving non full sized cribs. A relatively small number of these incidents resulted in fatalities, about half in non fatal injuries and the remainder in no injury at all. Of the 147 fatal injuries 35 were attributed to structural problems with the crib and 34 of those resulted from a part of the baby's body, head or neck becoming trapped between parts of the crib which had broken or become detached creating unusual gaps.

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Can a Baby Monitor Help With SIDS???

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SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and is the leading cause of death in infants between one month and one year old.  In 2009 alone, 2,226 infants died of SIDS. SIDS is the cause of death given for the unexpected, sudden death of a child under a year old.  Should your infant pass at […]

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Britax B-Ready Stroller Review

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The Britax B-Ready Stroller has answered the prayers of thousands of busy, on the go moms who need a stroller that is dependable, versatile, and high quality. Your baby will love the smooth ride, multiple seat options, and the hours of fun he or she will enjoy with you. Britax B-Ready Stroller Features This stroller offers consumers a modular (flexible) design that can be easily converted into over a dozen different configurations, allowing you to customize your own settings and give you the best results. This model gives your child a smooth, comfortable ride, and gives you the peace of mind that not only is your stroller safe for your baby, but also user-friendly and adaptable to guarantee the best possible results.

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My Baby MUST Have Items!!!

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Apart from the larger items like a baby crib, car seat, stroller etc., there are lots of other items that you may need for your new baby but it's so difficult to decide in advance exactly what those things will be. It depends on whether you're going to share a bed with your baby, whether you're going to breast feed or not and whether you use a car. In fact there are so many personal preferences that there's no one "right" way of caring for a baby and no perfect check list for the "right" items to use. However, I've found this great little video which is actually presented by a new mum who has a toddler as well. She goes into some detail about the various items that she finds absolutely indispensable so I've added some details about the products she recommends and I hope that it will help you to decide on the things that will be right for you and your baby.

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Cariboo Folding Bassinet

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Don’t have quite enough space for an over-sized crib? Well thankfully, the Cariboo Folding Bassinet takes up a minimal amount of space, folds when not in use, and is just as safe and comfortable for your little one as a standard crib! Cariboo Folding Bassinet Features: This bassinet features all the comforts of your typical crib, but without taking up the extra space or settling on design features. It is both practical and stylish, and perfect for parents who may live in a small apartment or want to keep their baby in their own room. It takes up very little space, and can also fold up when not in use. This item is perfect for a traveling family who wants to keep their baby’s comfortable sleeping environment with them on their travels. While the frame is sturdy and strong, it is also stylish and features a contemporary look. The wood is a deep mahogany and the bassinet fabric a crisp white, ensuring that it

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A Graco Victoria Convertible Crib Review

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Because of the sheer number of baby cribs and bassinets in the market today, some people may find it difficult to choose the product that delivers as promised. One such product is the Graco Victoria Convertible Crib. After all, the product is known for quality and customer satisfaction. However, it would still be necessary to read reviews about the product to determine whether it will address your specific needs or not. Sturdiness of the Baby Crib: When reading baby cribs reviews, it is not enough to see that a lot of users are pleased with their Graco-made baby furniture. It is important to learn the various key features that make the product stand out from the rest as well. For one, it is much sturdier than other products in its class. This is because it is made from well crafted hardwood. It is very important that the baby’s safety will never be compromised even if

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How to Start Your New Baby Essentials Checklist

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Everyone knows it—newborn babies are a lot of work. Not only are they a lot of work, but they require a lot of stuff, too. Almost every parenting book or magazine will give you their new baby checklist to set up the nursery but let’s face it, each baby is as unique and individual as every family’s nursery needs. Buying everything off of every list of baby necessities could cost you so much money that you could instead be saving for the ultra-deluxe stroller you’ve been eyeing up. First, consider your own lifestyle when making your baby essentials checklist. If you’re more of a minimalist personality, why let a magazine or a parenting book change that? If you like reusing and recycling things buy reusable diapers and see what you can pick up for your baby at local consignment stores. Many places have stores that are completely dedicated to second hand baby shopping and would be a fine place to get the necessary baby

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Oeuf Crib Birch Review

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The Oeuf Crib is the ideal fit for parents looking for a safe, dependable, and timeless piece for their child. Oeuf Crib Birch Features A standard European crib, the Oeuf model has fixed side rails and a lower center of gravity. This makes the crib much safer for the baby and allows for peace of mind of the parents. In addition, all pieces of the crib are cut from single sheets of wood panel, which eliminates the danger of loosening joints. This crib also grows along with your family by featuring an optional conversion kit. This way, you can easily transition your toddler from crib to bed. The crib has a solid birch base, is environmentally friendly by being made of recovered wood fibers, and has a non-toxic white lacquer finish. The crib also has two color options, white or walnut stain. Changing station and crib mattress sold separately.

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Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet Review

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People that are searching for baby cribs and bassinets, and stumble upon the Mini Co-Sleeper, usually stop their search and look no further. Given that the product made by Arm’s Reach boasts several features that make it seem better than other baby furniture, the most important for a lot of parents, it enables you to have your baby beside you without the baby being in your bed which is very dangerous. Baby Crib Convenience: For first time crib buyers, one of the most important qualities to consider in a baby crib or bassinet is the convenience it offers. The Mini Co-Sleeper eliminates the hassles of getting out of bed at night while taking care of a newborn. After all, this baby nursery furniture is designed to be placed right beside the mother’s bed. This is perfect for those who

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